Pejoohan Tavassoti
(Pezhouhan Tavassoti-Kheiry)


I am an Assistant Professor and the Jr. Norman W. McLeod Chair in Sustainable Pavement Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Prior to joining the Centre for Pavement and Transportation Technology (CPATT) at the University of Waterloo, I worked as an Assistant Professor of Research at the Thomas D. Larson Transportation Institute of the Pennsylvania State University. I got my Ph.D. in Civil Engineering with a focus on pavement materials and nondestructive testing from the Pennsylvania State University in 2016. I am currently serving as the Vice-Chair of the Ontario Asphalt Experts Task Group (OA-ETG) and am leading the TG2 of the RIlEM Technical Comiitee FBB. My interests and background are in pavement engineering, resiliency and sustainability of transportation infrastructure, smart pavements, construction materials characterization, non-destructive testing, and developing innovative and sustainable materials for construction applications for both pavements and building materials. I am working on collaborative research with several colleagues from accross Canada and internationally to ensure that we can pave the way to a sustainable future for our transportation network. If you are interested in joining my research group, please check the available positions and review the necessary requirements on my UW portal.

See my CV, LinkedIn profile, and my ResearchGate profile.


Recent News:

  • (June 2022) Our researchers, students, and myself will be presenting at the SÉMINAIRE SUR LA RECHERCHE EN INGÉNIERIE DES CHAUSSÉES in Montreal QC! Read More!
  • (Feburary 2022) I will be Speaking at the Ontario Road Builders Association (ORBA) annual summit on Feburuary 2022 about performance engineered pavmenets and mixes. You can access my presentation entitled "Performance Testing: A Choice, Challenge, or an Opportunity? Learning from International Experiences" on ORBA Read More!
  • (December 2020) I will be giving a talk on "Improving the Modulus Master Curve of Bituminous Mixes Using Ultrasonic Measurements" at the International Symposium on Bituminous Materials (ISBM Lyon) by RILEM Read More!
  • (November 2020) I was elected as the Vice-Chair of the Ontario Asphalt Experts Task Group (OA-ETG). Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with our colleagues to enhance the performnance of our pavement network in Ontario and Canada! Read More!
  • (November 2020) I was appointed as the Leader of the TG2 for RILEM TC-FBB. It is a great pleasure to work with internationally recognized scientists and researchers from around the world! Read More!
  • (November 2020) Mike Aurilio will be presenting our research on "Comparing the Ability of Different Tests and Rheological Indices to Evaluate the Cracking Resistance of Polymer Modified Asphalt Binders" at the 65th Canadian Technical Asphalt Association (CTAA) Conference! Read More!
  • (October 2020) I will be giving a talk at the Annual Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) conference Read More!
  • (April 2020) I will be giving a talk at the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Spring meetings Read More!
  • (November 2019) Canadian Technical Asphalt Association Conference in Montreal! Read More!
  • (September 2019) The RILEM Cluster "F" Meetings and Symposium at the University of Waterloo! Read More!
  • (April 2019) We will be hosting GRINCH at CPATT! Read More!